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Plants, belonging to the community of Plantae forms one of the vast categories of living organisms spread around the world. They include various organisms including trees, herbs, shrubs, grasses, bushes, algae, ferns and mosses. Plants being living organisms requires food for their living as human beings require. One of the major plant food widely used around the world includes Mephedronealso known as 4-methylmethcathinone or 4-MMC. Herbs that strictly require mephedrone as food product include Kratom, Amanita Muscaria and Salvia divinorum. These herbs require Mephedrone as the basic key ingredient for their growth and development.


Mephedrone comes from a family of chemicals found in the African plant khat. Mephedrone plant food, one of the widely used plant food resource all over the world comprises of 99.94% pure white mephedrone crystals and very little odour. It is a crystalline research chemical that acts as a synthetic plant stimulant helping plants to grow. Developed by experienced researchers and scientists in biological and chemical field, Mephedrone for plants has been the most successful plant product ever discovered. Also known as MCAT meow meow, Mephadrone is considered as a premium plant feed that helps plants for better growth with stronger and greener leaves. It acts as a key nutrient for plants and makes them healthier which one can easily notice as their color becomes bright. The products are at times sold as a plant fertilizer for protecting the plants against harmful worms. Hence MCAT Meow Meow plant food acts as a two way plant food ingredient. a) It provides necessary nutrients for plants b) It protects plants from hazardous organisms that could destroy the plants.

Mephedrone for sale is available online at most affordable prices. It is represented by 4 methymethcathinone powder recommended for stimulating growth of various plants. It comes under variety of sizes including 1g Mephedrone, 2g Mephedrone, 5g Mephedrone, 10g Mephedrone, 25g Mephedrone, 50g Mephedrone and 100g Mephedrone. Price of each packet ranges from 19 USD to 800 USD according to the packet size. If you are particularly unaware as to how much quantity of Mephadrone must be used for plants, then you must consider the number of plants.

However, this chemical substance can also have negative consequences if not used wisely and with precautions. It is highly recommended that Mephedrone must be used only for growing plants and not for herbs or shrubs that are already developed. Also it is highly advisable to keep the chemical away from childrens as human consumption of mephedrone crystal powder can cause some serious damage to the human body.

The food plant product industry is growing at a fast paced rate. Number of plant food suppliers – small, big and mid scale organizations forms the plant food product industry. Many online plant feed stores have also come up recognizing the high potential of the market. You can find number of online plant food stores around the world, but you must choose the best food store for best quality plant food products.

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